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HTML5 not working in Chrome? April 2, 2010

Posted by samwyse in Web problems.

It all started when I wanted to make some screen shots of DVD Flick.  I wanted to show how to make a fairly complicated video, and I wanted to use material licensed via Creative Commons.  “Elephant Dreams” and “Big Buck Bunny” seemed like a good place to start, so I headed over to the Blender Foundation, where I was eventually redirected to a download page.  The “USA #2” link seems to be dead, so I went to the Germany site.  Then I went looking for the “Making of …” video, but it seems to only exist in YouTube which is problematic since I don’t have Flash installed in Chrome.  On the other hand, I don’t really want the Flash version, I want to try to capture the HTML5 stream, so off I went to enter the YouTube HTML5 Beta.  Unfortunately, something seems to have broken the HTML5 magic, because all the pages still want me to install the Adobe Flash Player plugin.  So, I tracked down what may be a bug report and added my thoughts (comment #9).