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Home-school articles from the NY Times January 23, 2011

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As part of a family that home schools our kids, I have a more than passing interest in anything that could improve the educational process. Here’s some recent articles from the New York Times.

Do Home Schoolers Deserve a Tax Break? – Room for Debate – NYTimes.com

Champlain College Makes Financial Literacy a Priority – NYTimes.com

The Argument Against Headphones – NYTimes.com

Test-Taking Cements Knowledge Better Than Studying, Researchers Say – NYTimes.com


Why homeschooling? December 28, 2005

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At one time, American public schools were probably the best in the world; unfortunately, the school administration tended to become one of the most ossified bureaucracies that this nation has ever seen. It has become impossible to get rid of bad teachers, who believe themselves competent despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. (more…)