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Improving my morning routine July 20, 2022

Posted by samwyse in Autobiographical, Myself.

So here I am, living my life and keeping my head above the water and then one day I realize that I’ve gotten myself stuck in a big pot and there’s steam coming off the water and I’m about to be boiled alive and I have no idea when things started to turn bad and how long I’ve even been stuck here. Obviously, I need to shake things up and get my life back on track, and one part of that is restarting my blog.

This evening I started off thinking I was going to write about one thing but then I started reading “Get to know the WordPress app” and while “connecting to other sites” I found this bit of a much longer blog post which looks like something I need to do. (And I also need to figure out the official way to link to somebody else’s blog post.)

So you’re all excited and you want to control the things that you can. Or maybe you want to get a running start on your day, but you’re not sure exactly how to start. Well fret not, because I have a quick list here for you.

• Get moving. This is one of the best ways to start the day. It’s cliche for a reason, because it works. I find it hard though, as I’m often disoriented in the mornings. But exercising early instead of during the afternoon provides me with a much stronger boost, for some reason.

• Work out your thoughts. I’ve found Julia Cameron’s morning pages to be an indispensable tool for my creative mind. I don’t know if it’s woo-woo, but I write much more on the days I complete this practice than on the days I don’t.

• Calm your mind. Again, this is a tough one to do right after waking, because how do you not fall asleep, am I right? It’s a good practice to fit into your mornings though, as it grounds you and adds a barrier of protection against the stressors of the day.

• Read and learn. You can either open up a non-fiction book or slot in a Duolingo session here. I used to learn Chinese in the mornings, which I’ve now replaced with reading Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations. Either way, it’s a good way to ensure that you’re mentally progressing in life.

• Pursue your New Year’s resolutions. We’ve been through this, right? This is the best time to pursue your goals, when you’re still fresh and ignorant to the negativity of the world. I write 250 words for my novel. Feel free to break down your own goals.



1. Stuart Danker - July 21, 2022

Aww, thanks for the mention! I truly appreciate it!

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