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Four Things I Hate About Wave November 24, 2009

Posted by samwyse in Reviews, Scripting.

OK, I’ve had my Google Wave account for a few days now, and played around both by myself and with a friend. Here’s what I’ve discovered.

The first time I used Wave, it wasn’t obvious that adding someone to a wave makes that wave show up in their in-box. Maybe I’m just too used to having a “Send” button, but I’d like seeing feedback that relates my actions to older ways of doing things. Video games frequently have a “training mode” with lots more feedback about what’s happening, and give you a way to take off the training wheels as you begin to understand the idioms.

What’s the best way to IM someone? I guess each participant is supposed to keep adding new blips. Two things that don’t work are having each participant keep updating their own blip and having everyone update a single blip. Both of these work, but aren’t very usable: The former makes it hard to pair statements with responses (especially after the fact), the latter makes it hard to see who said what. But adding new blips all the time seems inconvenient. I guess I’d like a mode where hitting the Enter key opens a new blip at the bottom of the conversation. Is there a gadget for that?

How do I send someone a URL to a wave? Yeah, it’ll be sitting in the Inbox when they look, but some people don’t want to spend every waking moment within Wave. I’d like to see something that I can email or embed that other people can click on and be brought immediately to the conversation. Maybe Wave has this already and it just isn’t obvious. Let’s run a test by dragging something frfom the inbox into this blip: Four Things I Hate About Wave OK, that creates a pseudo URL (googlewave.com!w+4n77V6MDF) that I don’t think can be used anywhere outside of Wave. Fail!

I can make a wave public, but only by allowing the world to edit it. Again, maybe I’m just old fashioned, but I’d like to be able to use Wave as a blog platform. I’m like to make this blip editable only by myself (and maybe a few co-authors), while allowing the possibility of other people making comment blips that are only editable by themselves.



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