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More newbie adventures December 27, 2005

Posted by samwyse in Marine Aquaria.

Well, I spent the past week with relatives about 200 miles from here, so the tank had plenty of time to “settle down”. (For those joining late, the tank contains live rock & sand, and one mantis shrimp; no little vertebrates yet.) The first thing I noticed when I arrived home was a slurping sound. Sure enough, the sump was about three gallons low, which I replentished by pouring fresh RO water into the sump.

Also, the tank is again hard to see into due to brown algea. It isn’t nearly as bad at the “dark” end of the tank, so I’m thinking about using glass covers everywhere and setting the timer to provide fewer hours of light each day. As I stare into the tank, I can see one or two bubbles of what I guess is O2 floating up about every fifteen seconds.

Four of the rocks now have thick patches of dark green fur on them, about an inch long. The parts of the rocks without fur have turned red and purple. And there are some little white things about the diameter of a pencil lead that have really long white threads coming out of them. All of these wave gently in the currents, letting me know that I have good water circulation.

Of the other five rocks (which I originally feared had died in transport), all now have at least a couple of miniature fern leaves sprouting up. I’d estimate that less that 5% of the surface of these rocks have anything growing on them, and the largest clump is still less than the diameter of a U.S. dime.

Now that everyone has something growing on it, I feel more confident about deciding which end is up for these babies. Unless I hear differently, tomorrow I’ll scrub my arms with RO water, then reach into the tank and try to rearrange things. Of course, fitting everything in originally was like assembling a jigsaw puzzle, so I’m not sure how to fit things together. I’ll probably do a bit of stacking, and get the better-off rocks nearer the surface.

Finally, as I’ve cleaned the tank with my Mag-Float, I’ve noticed a couple of long scratches on the inside of my tank. Over the entire front, there are three that look like strands of fine hair, mostly running up and down. I assume that they were caused by the speedy unloading and reloading of the tank, and that they are nothing to worry about.



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