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My New Saltwater Aquarium (cont.) December 11, 2005

Posted by samwyse in Marine Aquaria.

This morning, the little ViaAqua heater had gotten the temp up to 68 deg. I’ve thought about just putting some distilled water into a tea kettle and warming it up before adding the salt, but for now I’m just using the tank heater.

The mantis is doing better this morning. Last night he was curled into what can only be described as a fetal position, but this morning he was standing up. He still hadn’t moved a fraction of an inch from where I’d first seen him, but when I aimed a flashlight at him, he scuttled back under the rocks and has now disappeared completely. He’s a hichhiker whom the previous owner intended to get rid of, but he’s pretty good at hiding. We never saw him when we were moving the rocks around; I wonder if he could have burrowed into the sand? I’m not going to remove him now because, aside from the coral, he’ll be the only inhabitant of this tank for a while.



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