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My New Saltwater Aquarium December 10, 2005

Posted by samwyse in Marine Aquaria.

An acquaintance of mine got evicted from his house today. He had about a dozen 50+gallon tanks. The fish were sent to new homes without difficulty, and I got the $500 of live rock he had just purchased, along with all of the components for one tank. BTW, I’ve only done freshwater until today. Andthe original owner is busy with other stuff for a few days, not to mention that I live 30 miles from him.

The coral was placed in a tray, the tanks disassembled, and everything was driven to my house. I’d estimate that the coral was out of the water for a couple of hours until I could get 15 gallons of distilled water and an appropriate amount of Coralife salt into the 55 gallon tank. Right now, the hydrometer says that the right amount of salt is in the water, but it’s temperature is only up to 64 degrees F and it’s still quite cloudy. And my basement smells like a fish market. So, my first question is whether or not anything is still alive. Oh, and “everything” apparently includes a mantis shrimp that was hiding in the coral when it was acquired, and is still in hiding today.

Assuming the answer is yes, I need to assemble all of the other components. I’ve got two ten-gallon tanks, a protein skimmer, a wave maker for the main tank, and assorted bits of piping. I’ll probably post a few pics on Flickr later tonight and put a link in a follow-up to this post.



1. larry - April 11, 2006

Normally most things living on the live rock should be fine. Your tank will need to cycle again before adding fish back in. Check your chems every couple days till everything levels off. You can get tons of free information on the subject at http://www.fishtankarticles.com

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